Asset Management Council of Australia’s virtual Maintenance & Reliability Summit

The Asset Management Council of Australia’s upcoming virtual Maintenance & Reliability Summit happening on the 22 July includes a presentation on the 10 Best Practices in Reliability Information Management.

Many businesses underestimate the strategic benefits that maintenance and reliability can bring and the importance of optimising maintenance management as part of an organisation’s corporate strategy.

With changing market conditions, companies need to address reliability information management as a strategic priority to maintain their competitive position, to shift maintenance away from unscheduled outages to optimised planned outages, thereby improving overall reliability and thus profitability.

The talk will highlight effective reliability information management through an Intelligent Asset Management framework focused on harnessing data, application of appropriate quantitative and qualitative analytical techniques and presenting information in simple and effective ways to support evidence-based decision making from operations to executive level.

This and more at the AMCouncil 22 July Virtual Maintenance & Reliability Summit. For more information and to register, visit the following link.