Structural Integrity Management

IMPower Technologies FARM Solution

Based on the success of MRMP® Solution, IMPOWER™ has developed the strategy, tools, systems and processes to manage asset health of thousands of fixed civil infrastructure assets distributed across multiple remote sites.

Our Fixed Asset Risk Management (FARM) Solution, focusing on Risk Based Inspections (RBI), designed by civil engineers and asset heath experts, can be used by asset management, planners, maintenance and engineering teams to easily record and monitor the condition across thousands of civil (process and non-process) infrastructure assets.

Our FARM Solution:

  • Aligns asset hierarchies to any existing maintenance management system, incorporating a rapid search capability, allowing users to easily search and record the condition of thousands of fixed civil infrastructure assets.
  • Incorporates customisable risk matrices.
  • Creates less variability in results and constrained repeatability allowing civil engineers and maintenance teams to know civil infrastructure condition, regardless of asset class or personnel.
  • Identifies exactly what needs to be repaired.
  • Creates a risk profile prioritising high risk areas across an entire civil infrastructure asset fleet.
  • Provides insurance auditors the confidence that assets are effectively maintained.
  • Minimises the risk of civil infrastructure failure.
  • Provides a solid data foundation for further analysis and advanced reporting.

Our FARM Solution has been successfully applied across fixed civil infrastructure assets of different classes (including buildings, bridges, card dumpers, conveyors and wharf’s) distributed across multiple remote sites within a large scale resources organisation and supporting infrastructure (e.g., buildings, bridges, coal handling plant, canals and weirs) across a large power station.

The tools and processes are easily deployed, simple to use and widely accepted.

For more information on the FARM Solution for Structural Integrity Management contact IMPOWER™.

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