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IMPower Technologies® is at the forefront of
intelligent Asset Performance Management for the energy and natural resource sector.


IMPOWER TECHNOLOGIES® (IMPOWER™) is a specialist consultancy group, providing strategic advisory services
and subject matter expertise in intelligent Asset Performance Management (iAPM) for mining, minerals, utilities, oil and gas.

Our Services

As a leading consulting group with subject matter expertise and extensive experience, we work closely with our clients to create a solid strategy, manage execution of the strategy to provide the most effective iAPM solution to suit the organisation’s requirements.

Every project is taken to a point where it is sustainable, supportable, and integrated into daily operational workflow from operations to management.

iAPM for integrated and automated logistics, optimising productivity across the entire value chain.

intelligent Asset
Performance Management

Our iAPM solutions integrate predictive analytics into intelligent systems for automated and continuous monitoring, diagnosis, and prognosis of asset performance.

iAPM provides targeted information for management, engineers and the operations team to reduce unplanned downtime and costs and to increase safety.


Our iAPM solutions monitor equipment, process,
control and infrastructure and are applicable for:

  • Integrated and Remote Diagnostics;
  • Remote Operations Centres (ROC);
  • Asset Health Management;
  • Preventive and Predictive Maintenance.

By monitoring process, equipment, control and infrastructure, iAPM allows asset degradation to be detected early to prevent sub-optimal operation before it impacts production and safety.

Remote Diagnostics

Remote Operations Centres

Asset Health Management

Structural Integrity Management

MRMP® Solution

Learn about IMPOWER TECHNOLOGIES® MRMP® Solution to reduce the risk critical equipment failure and provide a risk profile across an entire asset fleet.

Some of Our Valued Clients

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