Track Health Dashboard

IMPower Technologies Track Health Dashboard

Our highly configurable and simple to use Track Health Dashboard provides visibility of track condition across a large scale heavy haul rail network.

The Track Health Dashboard:

  • Integrates data from disparate systems.
  • Prioritizes track areas requiring maintenance based on track condition.
  • Provides an overview of maintenance activities required to restore track health.
  • Monitors track improvements / deterioration over time.
  • Identifies discrepancies in inspection regimes, data issues and un-allocated track sections.
  • Compares different sections of track.
  • Identifies the worst section of track.

Our easily deployed Track Health Dashboard uses an integrated condition assessment to focus track maintenance efforts for reliability engineers, track maintenance teams, inspectors and planners.

Continued use of our Track Health Dashboard embeds good practices, providing a solid data foundation and framework for the development of a full scale Track Health Management solution, used to predict rail wear and asset replacement decisions.

For more information on the Track Health Dashboard contact IMPOWER™.

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